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  • Clare Alden

Vision, Voice, and Vitality for Women

Many women would benefit immeasurably by dedicating more time and effort to taking care of themselves. By affirming our own values, setting priorities and goals, and finding time for what is most important to each of us, we can live our best life. This blog is dedicated to sharing ideas that will help women envision what they want, find their voice, and nurture their mind and body.

We will all also talk about one of the greatest obstacles to women pursuing their best life—relationship abuse. If your partner seeks power and control over you in order to meet their own needs with no regard for and at the expense of your wellbeing, they are abusing your love and trust. Women are often taught to put others first, silence their voice, and endure hardship in order to maintain a relationship, keep the peace, and secure someone else’s idea of love. Just like putting on our own oxygen mask first on an airplane, we can learn to nurture our true self first. This self-care will enable us to help others, pursue healthy relationships, and live our best life.

I have distilled my experience, study, and discussions with other women into three tenets that I advocate as a means toward enriching our lives.


Envisioning what we really want

Determining and prioritizing what we want (often easier said than done), discovering our passions, formulating our personal mission, and setting goals that are realistic and motivating.


Expressing and sharing ourselves through words and art

Articulating and sharing our needs and desires, forming intentions and reflections, pursuing our goals, sharing our voice through language, images, and action.


Taking care of ourselves

Giving ourselves permission (sometimes the greatest barrier), finding and making time for what nurtures us, asking for help, developing our social support system, and celebrating success.

I will be posting a variety of ideas and suggestions for pursuing our vision, voice, and vitality. Everyone has their own individual needs, desires, passions, and talents, so your choices of how to pursue your best life with depend on your own personality, values and circumstances. I encourage you to submit your ideas and your struggles that we might all benefit from our collective wisdom.


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