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  • Clare Alden

Clarity Will Come

Clarity Will Come

At a time in my life

when I felt chaotic, confused, and conflicted,

unable to decide how to handle a difficult and painful situation,

all options posing significant risk and likely unfortunate consequences,

my friend said to me,

“Clarity will come.”

I knew she didn’t mean to do nothing while I continued to suffer.

She meant for me to

look inside my heart,

listen to my soul, and

employ the full capacity of my mind.

So, I did.

I wrote in my journal,

I felt my feelings,

I sought professional guidance,

I read reliable books,

I heeded the sensations in my body,

I talked to trusted friends,

I considered a wide range of options

the risks and benefits of each.

I listened to myself.

I trusted myself.

And she was right.

It didn’t come quickly.

It didn’t come easily.

It didn’t come all at once.

But clarity came.

Like in a rare moment of stillness

when rapt with attention, upon a crystal-clear mountain lake,

providence reveals, amidst the usually distorted and ambiguous images,

a clear view beneath the surface,

I too saw clearly the pass through the treacherous terrain surrounding me.

I realized that I knew what I had to do.

I knew the path to peace, security, and happiness.

It was a dangerous trek.

It was more dangerous to not pursue the path.

I went, and clarity revealed the way.

Message from Clare

Because I care.


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